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First off, let me say I am blown away by how amazing you all are. The contestants in this contest have never even had a session with me (or for most, even met me), yet the top 2 had more votes than anyone did in the last contest full of my clients. It is unbelievable. To everyone who entered, thank you for being great participants. I know it’s a pain to have to solicit your friends, but you did an amazing job!

With that being said, welcome to all the new fans! Glad to have you on the page. If there is ever anything I can help you with, feel free to contact me. I know lots of you would like to learn things about photography and I’d be happy to help you if you have questions. If anyone would like to book a session, email me at andrea@andreapeardonphoto.com and I can give you all the information.

Now onto the contest. First let me give a big shout out to the two vendors who volunteered to enter their products into the prizes. Lulubelle offered up a headband or tie t-shirt/onesie to each of the winners. Colleen Kelly Creations picked a beautiful headband to give each winner. These women do beautiful work. Lulubelle also makes adorable clothes for little kids along with super cute headbands and Colleen Kelly Creations (whose owners are Riane and Amy) has to-die-for headbands and adorable hats. Visit their facebook pages and etsy pages!

Colleen Kelly Creations: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Colleen-Kelly-Creations/125162144215837


Lulubelle: http://www.facebook.com/mylulubelle



Ok now the winners!

In third place, winning a $25 credit toward a session or an order, as well as an item from both Lulubelle and Colleen Kelly Creations is….




Congratulations!! Rebecca, please contact me with all of your contact information!

Now first and second place were neck and neck the whole time!! It ended up being a matter of FIVE votes, the winner having 125 votes and second place with 120. Just a note, the last contest winner had 90. Because of all your hard work and it being so close, I have decided to up the credit for the second place winner from $50 to $75.

In second place, with 120 votes and will be winning a $75 credit and an item from the vendors is….




You may know her as the adorable babe with all the hair! Congratulations!! Amanda, get in touch with me so I can get you your prizes.

So you all know what that means! The first place winners, who will receive a $100 credit and an item from the ladies are…




Yay! Congratulations! You all worked SO hard! Danielle, contact me and I can set you up for all your prizes.

Thanks so much to everyone! Please contact me if you have any questions!!




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Oh man, I had so many sessions this April! What a perfect time to start a monthly contest. Here is how it works:

Below you will see one image from each April session (or two to get the all the sibs – just vote for the family). To vote for a certain picture, you must leave a comment to this post. You can do this by clicking on the “comments” button after the last picture of this post (Ava’s picture). Make sure you mention in the comment the number or name of the picture you are voting for. Anyone can vote – one vote per person, please! Voting will go on until 11:59PM on May 11th. The winner will receive a $30 credit toward their next session or purchase! But, wait! The winner isn’t the only one who can receive a prize! Any other picture receiving 30 or more unique votes will get a $15 credit toward their next session or order!

1. Emilia and Isabella

2. Marisa

3. Anthony and Vincent

4. Gabriel

5. Mara

6. Ella

7. Colin and Kendall

8. Aiden

9. Reese

10. Landon

11. Blake, Grant, and Alexa

12. Parker and Easton

13. Ava

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This is one of the happiest, most adorable little guys I have ever photographed. He was one of my very first models and is always so happy. Enjoy!

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