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November. November marks the one year anniversary of when I started photographing families. This year has been truly amazing.

Do you know the story of how this all came about? Many of you know that I started taking pictures last year for my little niece, Gracy. A couple of her friends asked if I would take pictures of their babies, and I reluctantly said yes. I was nervous about how the pictures would look and how the mamas would react. I had never taken any photography classes and only had an innocent love of good pictures, but I took on the jobs to get some practice. After a few of these little sessions, my sister’s friend Courtney really suggested I branch out. Take pictures of other families. Who knows, it could end up a “little business.”

Well, did that ever turn out to be an understatement.

November and December went by quickly, with some commuting back and forth from Ann Arbor, where I was a senior at U of M, to take pictures. When January hit, I was booking sessions into April. When April hit, I was booking into October. Through April, I would come home nearly every weekend for sessions, then go back to school and edit (and procrastinate doing homework, writing papers, studying…). It was not an easy feat, but it worked. I graduated in May (woo hoo!) and came back home to work on my growing “little business.”

Over the last year, I have worked with over 120 families, done just over 170 sessions, played with countless babies and children, lulled dozens of newborns back to beautifully deep sleep, given out hundreds of prizes from the special “prize box,” and was voted 2nd place in Channel 4’s Best of Detroit contest for best portrait photographer. I also have 3 assistants hired to work with me for newborn sessions and office work. (Big thank you, of course, to my twin nieces Shelby and Taylor, and my Aunt Sudie.)

What a difference a year makes.

This business, I affectionately call “my baby,” has changed my life in so many ways. I was kind of floating before, not knowing what to do with my life.  I have always loved kids, especially babies. This career allows me to fuse my love of kids, photography, working with families, and being independent. It does become stressful at times, mostly because the workload and pressure lays directly on my shoulders. But the benefits so greatly outweigh the tough parts.

I want to thank you all for sticking with me this year. For all of you who decided to give me a chance when I was just starting out and have ended up coming back every three months, thank you. I appreciate your loyalty. Even the people I’ve only met once have given me such great opportunity to practice and learn.

People keep asking me if this is it. Is this my career? Am I going to do this for life? I don’t really know how to answer that. At this point, I absolutely want to keep this up. I am doing what I love. I can only see potential in the future. I could never have imagined this in my wildest dreams, even just a year and a half ago. And here I am now.

All I keep thinking is, what will I be saying next year at this time?


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I’m so excited to announce the Holiday Mini Sessions. I’ve been working on this for weeks and many people have been asking to book already. The box below has all the details. Please click on the box to see everything bigger.

There are limited openings, so plan ahead! This is a great opportunity to get your holiday photos done. My openings for other sessions are extremely limited in the next few months, so jump on this chance to get in. One great thing about these sessions is that the photos will be versatile. They’ll look great on your holiday cards but also on your wall year-round. Also, participants in these sessions will be able to make additional purchases at special rates exclusive to them. Book ASAP!

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It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for! The winner of the $30 credit toward their next session or order is…..


Three other families had over 30 unique votes and will receive a $15 credit toward their next session or order. Those winners are….


Blake, Grant, and Alexa

Colin and Kendall

Congratulations to all the winners and all the people who voted! This was even more successful than I had imagined. Please let me know if you enjoyed the contest so I’ll know if I should continue doing one each month. Thank you!

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Hello everyone,

Over the last few weeks, I have been evaluating everything to do with Andrea Peardon Photography. I have created a new logo, designed new marketing materials, discovered new products, made card templates, and started this blog! I have also looked over and fine-tuned the pricing and session details. After a lot of time and thought, I have switched some things up and added others. The pricing I announced before for May will remain the same. (Families who have purchased additional sessions through the Winter-Rate Lock-In Program will not be affected by this.)

Starting in May 2010, full sessions will cost $125, as previously announced, and will include a $50 credit towards a digital image collection. Half sessions will be $90 and include a $30 credit. The collections range in sizes and in contents. Some collections include digital images with full printing rights. The new options are web-sized images and a slideshow. Selecting the web-sized image collection will allow you to have all the images you see in your proofing gallery on a DVD. The images will be perfect for showing online and for storing in your family’s digital archives. They are not, however, suitable for printing and no printing rights will be included. Like the web-sized collection, the slideshow option will allow you to have all your images from your proofing gallery. They will be made into a slideshow, set to music, that will work on your DVD player.

I hope this all makes sense, but please ask if you have any questions or feedback at all. Please contact me if you would like to see the full list of collections and details. I am excited about offering these new options, as well as the new products!

Here is an example of a card I designed for Valentine’s Day.

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Hi everyone!

Referrals are such an important part of photography businesses and they are truly what made Andrea Peardon Photography possible. I appreciate everything that all of you have done to make this so successful and I want to reward you properly for all your help. Please respond to this short poll with what you think you would most like to receive when someone you refer books a session. You also have the option of putting your own ideas down.

Thank you so much!

I can’t help but put in a picture with every post. Here is my little Gracy.

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I’m so excited to present to you the newest addition to Andrea Peardon Photography. This blog will be a place where you can see sneak peeks from your session before your gallery is ready, look at bits of other sessions, hear about new promotions and deals, and comment on your favorite pictures. The whole blog thing is very new to me, so bear with me, but I hope you enjoy scrolling through the posts once they get going. Here is a picture to set it all off!The Natural

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