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I’ll make this short and sweet. I’m in Channel 4’s Best of Detroit contest for Best Portrait Photographer. I did not know about it until Friday, although it has been going on since the end of June. Since Friday, I have moved up to FOURTH place from 46th. Please, please vote. It’s very easy and good karma. Not only that, you’ll get a $10 credit for voting by printing out the deal after! The contest goes on for the rest of this week. Thanks!!



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And the winners are…

Thank you everyone for voting in this contest. There were over 150 votes and in the last week, over 1100 visitors to the blog!! You all are awesome. We do have a winner!

Your winner for the May and June photo contest, who will receive a $30 credit toward their next session or order is….



It was a close, close race for second place, but the only baby to get 30 or more votes, and a $15 credit, is…


Because we only had two winners, I’ve decided to give a third place spot to the baby with 29 votes – just ONE shy! This baby will get a $10 credit! The third place winner is….


Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone for voting and participating!

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The new contest is on!

Below you will see one image from each May and June session (or two, sometimes, to get the all the sibs – just vote for the family). To vote for a certain picture, you must leave a comment, with your first and last name, to this post. You can do this by clicking on the “comments” button after the last picture of this post. Make sure you mention in the comment the number or name of the picture you are voting for. Anyone can vote – one vote per person, please! Voting will go on until 11:59PM on July 16th. The winner will receive a $30 credit toward their next session or purchase! But, wait! The winner isn’t the only one who can receive a prize! Any other picture receiving 30 or more unique votes will get a $15 credit toward their next session or order!

1. Mia

2. Claire and Evelyn

3. Franco

4. Jessica

5. Aidan

6. Emma and Ean

7. Isaac and Eli

8. Kate and Emily

9. Olivia

10. Aleah and Drew

11. Will

12. Byrne children

13. Addison

14. Chasadi and Kennedy

15. Finley

16. Brooklyn

17. Gentile children

18. Kailey

19. Jack

20. Nicholas and Nathan

21. Blomme children

22. Zawierucha children

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It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for! The winner of the $30 credit toward their next session or order is…..


Three other families had over 30 unique votes and will receive a $15 credit toward their next session or order. Those winners are….


Blake, Grant, and Alexa

Colin and Kendall

Congratulations to all the winners and all the people who voted! This was even more successful than I had imagined. Please let me know if you enjoyed the contest so I’ll know if I should continue doing one each month. Thank you!

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