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These two little girls were so darling for our session. We had one super hot day on our hands, so we had to take a few breaks inside. Their backyard was beautiful and I was so happy I got to try out my new prop! What a fun family! By the way, Dad’s a personal trainer who started his own online personal training business. Check it out at http://www.fitprotraining.com!


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I apologize – it has been quite a while since the last post! There were a handful of sessions right before I left for Spain that I’m just getting to, so expect a bunch of posts in the next couple days. This family is awesome. I love them. I met them in December for their Christmas pictures when Ean was 3 months, saw them again at 6 months, and now at 9 months, I’m back again. The little ones are so sweet. We got to go to the coolest location – the orchards where the dad works! We drove through the fields to find the best spots. It was so fun! I’m going to have to talk them into going back for their Christmas session.

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It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for! The winner of the $30 credit toward their next session or order is…..


Three other families had over 30 unique votes and will receive a $15 credit toward their next session or order. Those winners are….


Blake, Grant, and Alexa

Colin and Kendall

Congratulations to all the winners and all the people who voted! This was even more successful than I had imagined. Please let me know if you enjoyed the contest so I’ll know if I should continue doing one each month. Thank you!

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Oh man, I had so many sessions this April! What a perfect time to start a monthly contest. Here is how it works:

Below you will see one image from each April session (or two to get the all the sibs – just vote for the family). To vote for a certain picture, you must leave a comment to this post. You can do this by clicking on the “comments” button after the last picture of this post (Ava’s picture). Make sure you mention in the comment the number or name of the picture you are voting for. Anyone can vote – one vote per person, please! Voting will go on until 11:59PM on May 11th. The winner will receive a $30 credit toward their next session or purchase! But, wait! The winner isn’t the only one who can receive a prize! Any other picture receiving 30 or more unique votes will get a $15 credit toward their next session or order!

1. Emilia and Isabella

2. Marisa

3. Anthony and Vincent

4. Gabriel

5. Mara

6. Ella

7. Colin and Kendall

8. Aiden

9. Reese

10. Landon

11. Blake, Grant, and Alexa

12. Parker and Easton

13. Ava

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Oh my goodness, six day-old babies are amazing. This little girl was soooo sleepy. The session only took 2 hours and she slept the entire time. I was able to curl her just the way we wanted and she slept right through it. How can you not love a newborn??

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V should stand for very-long-name! 🙂 These kids were so cute. The baby girl will sure be well-protected with her two big brothers, who were so darn polite! It was not too easy to get them all together, but we managed some real cute individuals!

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